Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Journey

Opportunities come along once in a while. Was I ever in for a good surprise!
My journey began one summer day while looking out the window. I noticed three ducks just hanging out for what seemed quite a while. Upon walking towards them, I noticed one duck was hoping and appeared to be injured. My response was whom do I call for help with rescuing this duck. I got on the phone and called our Animal Humane Society. They had a wildlife triage exam room, which I never knew about. The person I spoke with gave me directions on how to go about capturing it and bringing it to them. So here I go with a large sheet and a box, trying to capture this little duck. People driving by were certainly looking at what was going on and I felt like a nut out there! I made several attempts, but this injured duck was two steps ahead of me. Coming to my rescue was my niece. Within a few minutes, she caught him! I was so grateful.

Once I got to the triage room, I was just fascinated with the wildlife and had many questions. They sensed my interest and mentioned they do have volunteers, if I was interested let them know.

Opportunity came knocking and I received a free education in the process.
I learned about triaging wildlife and getting the little critters out to rehabilitators. My next thought, you’ve guessed it. I wanted to become a rehabilitator as well. Within six months, I learned how to triage and care for wildlife and became a licensed rehabilitator. As of today it has been six wonderful years of a complete labor of love for wildlife. During 2011 I began a nonprofit in order to receive help and not be limited in the numbers that I can take in. We Love Wildlife!