Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rehabilitating wildlife involves so much more than what it may appear on the surface of my profession. There comes a time when we all begin to wonder how to go about our lives, our work in a way that is environmentally friendly and sufficient. After all, the release of wildlife puts them right back into nature! There are so many resources out there that can provide us with new ways to explore our “Green” options. Recycling has become an important part of our organization. We recycle everything possible. Help reduce our reliance on trees/wood. Organic foods works well with all my wildlife critters. In my mind, I’ve provided the best possible food source that will help them grow into maturity prior to release. My local farmers market, along with convenient Coops work for me. A garden provides nourishment's and all means for all creatures to survive. As well, no matter where we live, we are responsible for either creating an ego-friendly yard, or not. We don’t need to use harmful chemicals to keep it weed-free. Natural and organic products are becoming more affordable and available today. Chemicals can be extremely harmful not only to our children, but also to our pets and of course to the wildlife in your area. As a planet, we can all pitch-in, take the approach to work towards a sustainable, healthy and enjoyable life style, all the while teaching our children the inherent values of our living world. Lets help to preserve our mother earth and to live in harmony within it.