Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hang On To Those Halloween Pumpkins!

Hang On To Those Halloween Pumpkins!

Don’t throw out your beautifully carved pumpkins. Re-purpose them and let’s teach our children how to explore other more beneficial solutions instead of the garbage for these works of art.

Recycle them back into the environment. Keep them during the winter months and stash squirrel/bird seeds and nuts inside them. Pumpkins are loaded with vitamins and minerals and are 90% water. Even the rabbits will feast upon them and be satisfied nutritionally during our long winter months. Kids eyes just light up with fascination when they see a real squirrel climbing in and out of those pumpkins.

Turn it into a pumpkin birdhouse. We “Googled” Pumpkin Birdhouse, and found a fun way to build them. Click here: http://www.nwf.org/activity-finder/recipes/snack-o-lantern.aspx

Consider donating them to a local wildlife sanctuary. Sanctuaries often rely on the public for such seasonal donations of food and much more! And who knows, maybe your family will have an opportunity to tour the establishment. It’s often these acts of kindness that children commit to memory and learn to reconnect with nature in the process.

Author: Linda Danielson
CWRTR  Nonprofit
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